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Bar Harbor Maine   
by Ron Cloer

As the excitement of your Maine vacation grows the Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound signals your arrival to Mount Desert Island.  Once youíve crossed that bridge onto Mount Dessert Island the vast majority of people turn left on Hwy 3 and head into Bar Harbor.  Rightfully so, Bar Harbor is a wonderful little town.  Itís not a glitzy place with flashing lights that scream in your face, ďIím a tourist town.Ē  No, Bar Harbor Maine is a beautiful town with compact streets that beg to be explored.  Itís like a comfortable chair that faces the ocean

Before all the vacationers arrive Bar Harbor only boasts a population of 2680, according to the 2000 census.  But that little ocean front village knows how to turn on the charm for tourists.  With a great number of rentals, cottages and inns for all those visitors to enjoy before their next day of Maine bliss, Bar Harbor and the surrounding area have you covered.  There are plenty of restaurants and shops for visitors to spend their time and money.  Restaurants with outdoor dining that allow you to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, like Rupununi, are especially enjoyable.  Donít forget to walk across the street for dessert at Ben and Billís Chocolate Emporium.  Itís almost impossible to ignore the fragrant scent of Ben and Billís as it wafts through the streets of Bar Harbor pulling you into the delicious, multicolored, sensory overloading interior.  Up and down the streets of Bar Harbor are shops dedicated to your souvenir needs, like ďCool as MooseĒ t-shirts.  Itís great fun to meander in and out of the stores even if you donít buy anything.  When you walk down to the pier, be sure to go whale watching itís worth the price.  More details can be found on the "things to do page".

There are some problems with Bar Harbor that you should know about.  Those quaint little streets that lend charm to Bar Harbor can be packed with cars during the prime season.  Parking can be difficult so find a spot and walk.  Itís not really a big place and the walking will do you good.  There are some hotels and inns in Bar Harbor.

Find a hotel in relaxing Bar Harbor. 
You can also try a privately owned cottage or house.

Vacation Home Rentals

There is more to Mount Desert Island than Bar Harbor or ďBaa HaabaĒ though.  Corralling Bar Harbor into a tiny corner of the island is the ancient and beautiful, Acadia National.

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