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Portland, Maine   
by Ron Cloer

I think the joy of Portland, Maine is that there are “city things” to do and typical Maine things to do.  For example you can go see one of the most picturesque lighthouses on the planet, Portland Head Light and go to an art museum, Portland Museum of Art in the same day. 

Whale watching in the Atlantic and shopping at a Mall or see a life-size chocolate Moose at Len Libbies and visit a floating restaurant, DiMillo’s.  The uniqueness and the possibilities are endless.  In a world of strip malls and homogenous restaurants Portland stands out from the crowd.

 As a brief side note it should be pointed out that the area around the Maine mall consists largely of chain type restaurants and stores.  But even there you can find places like Sebago Brewing Company.

In downtown Portland you can meander the streets and visit block after block of unique, quirky stores, all this and you’re right next to the ocean.  Watch the teenagers ride their skateboards around Post Office Park or watch the ponies at Scarborough Downs, it’s really up to you.

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