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Top 10 Worst Things about being a Superhero during Winter

As I sit here listening to Blue Christmas by Elvis on my Ipod, my lip starts to curl and I sing along. Remarkable, my kids know and hate that song because I always sing along. I’m reminded that at this time of year, there are no ordinary days. Everything is either fantastic or horrible, love or hate. That festive mood could be the light ringing of sleigh bells or it could be your obnoxious ring tone on your cell phone. You could see a kid with Santa and get reminded of the wide-eyed emotions of childhood or you might see a sweaty Santa who looks overwhelmed with the sheer number of requests he hears daily. It’s all about perspective. So let’s look at winter and the holidays from a Marvel superhero perspective.

Top 10 Worst Things about being a Superhero during Christmas

Iceman and yellow snow
  1. The Northern Lights make Jubilee’s fireworks look lame. (Maybe it's not the Lights issue.)  
  1. Beast smells like a wet dog for most of the winter. 
  1. Iron Fist just can’t seem to find a glove that fits. 
  1. Aunt May’s seemingly endless supply of tacky Christmas sweaters.  
  1. Ghost Rider doesn’t evoke the same fear with a candy cane themed motorcycle. 
  1. Iceman absorbing moisture while standing too close to yellow snow. 
  1. Quicksilver dreads family holiday gatherings with his crazy sister and overbearing Dad 
  1. People are always approaching Hulk saying how Christmasy he looks. 
  1. Mr. Fantastic suffers from shrinkage. 
  1. The Victoria Secret Strawberry Sizzle lotion that Human Torch uses for dry skin creates an unsightly smoke when he flames up.


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