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What is comic book pressing?


What is comic book pressing?

by Ron Cloer
There are times when a comic book looks great except for 1 thing, a crease or a fold.  The crease can cause the grade and the value to drop tremendously.  I bought a collection of 50's and 60's era comics that all had subscription creases.  Some creases broke color while others didn't.  The comics that had a subscription creases that didn't break color could have easily been pressed to improve their grade.

If you want to press a comic book you'll need a "dry mount press".  It is basically a small heat activated press that is used for mounting or laminating.  The advantage in using one is that it applies even pressure and heat (180 to 200) to the comic book.  After going through the dry mount press process you need to lay the book between two heavy flat objects like coffee table books.  Here is an instructional video by an unknown infidel.

Pressing comic books video


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