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Should you have your comic book graded?

Should you have your comic book graded?

by Ron Cloer

If you hang out on any comic book related forum for long you’ll hear this question, “Should I get this book graded or not?” 

A graded book is a comic book that has been evaluated by a third party, given a grade and encased in plastic.  CGC is currently the most well known grading company.

What are the advantages of getting my comic book graded?

  1. Because you aren’t the person grading the book, a potential buyer is more willing to accept the grade as accurate.  If you’ve sold many comics you know that this can be a major issue.
  2. Since the grade is accepted the price is more consistent.

What are the disadvantages of getting my comic book graded?

  1. The price.  The price to have a book graded is a minimum of $15.00 and a maximum of $1000.  Yes, I said $1000 to grade a comic book.  It all depends on the value of the comic book so if you have an expensive book they will charge more even though it doesn’t take more time.  That in my opinion is ridiculous.
  2. You cannot open the book again – When grading first came in vogue with sports cards, stamps and coins I didn’t have an issue with grading.  All of those items are 2 sided.  A comic book is essentially reduced from a BOOK to a COVER, the story is gone.

Should I get a comic book graded?  Here are a few criteria for determining if you should get your comic graded.

  1. Is there a selling advantage to grading your book?  Look on eBay for a graded version and an ungraded version.  Does the price difference warrant getting it graded?  Sometimes there is NO price difference.
  2. Are you doing it for some weird prestige factor?  (Introduce I’m better than you voice)  “Yes, I have 500 graded books that are 9.2 or above.”  You don’t need that to satisfy your ego, do you?
  3. Are you trying to preserve/protect your comic?  If that is the only reason you are getting it professionally graded, don’t.  You can easily buy Mylar sleeves and Acid absorbing paper for less than $1.00 so why waste hundreds of dollars getting it graded?????

In general, I’m against getting anything graded.  A comic book is for reading and enjoying and not for encasing in plastic.  You are only padding the pockets of a few wealthy men and the benefit to you is minimal.

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