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Captain America : a model citizen

Over the years Captain America has seen some interesting changes.  In the beginning, 1941, it was all about the Nazis and Red Skull.  These days the Captain is against the government and Tony Stark in Marvel's Civil War. (until his untimely demise)  The models of Captain America have had some changes as well.


Back in 1966 Aurora came out with a series of plastic models with various superheroes, Hulk, Batman and Robin and of course Captain America.  It was an inexpensive blue plastic model in an action pose.  Kids loved them.  In March 2009 Hakes sold a 1966 Aurora Captain America Model for $317.00.  Talk about a return on investment.  Realistically if you were a kid in the 60's and you bought that model, you assembled it and probably even attempted to paint it. 

A few years later in 1974 Aurora decided to try it again.  This model had Captain America running but there wasn't a splash of water, like the earlier version.  It was also made of blue plastic and was a 1:12 scale "comic scene" model. There have been recent sales for $78 plus shipping on eBay.  Finding one unassembled is the hardest part.


In the 80's Tsukuda Hobby created a Captain America Jumbo Figure (Series #6).  It was a solid white resin model made on 1:6 scale.  These are not easy to find even though they were made in 1984.  This is the strange fist in the air version of Captain America.


In 1998 Toy Biz released a cool little model with Captain America fighting the Red Skull.  This is a real action pose model with Captain laying out Red Skull.  It also has some nice details in the backdrop. (like a skull in a jar).  This model is 1:12 scale and is made with grey and blue plastic.  Another bonus is the price, these models are cheap to pick up now. ($5.00 to 13.00 plus shipping)

In 2002 Polar Lights released a model very similar to the original 66 Aurora model. (water splashing)  The Polar Lights version is a little larger in size. Another difference is that the original Aurora model was blue plastic, this one is a light grey styrene plastic.  Recent eBay sales are in the $25.00 range plus shipping.  The look of the old school model with the big price is a good combination.


Recently a British company, Knight Models, has begun releasing small scale models of Marvel superheroes.  They are 1:27 scale but are finely detailed.  They aren't plastic either, they are made from a white metal.  Current pricing is around $76.00 US dollars.


So as you can see there are a lot of options for Captain America fans at all price points.


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