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Iron Man 2 Review - No Spoilers

With Iron Man there are things that we've grown accustomed to like big fight scenes, clever lines and and a cameo appearance by Stan Lee.  When you watch the movie listen to what Tony Stark calls Stan, it's pretty funny.  "You complete me." thrown out with a light hearted tone is one of those lines that you're bound to hear again.  Overall this is a big summer action movie with a plot that isn't well developed.  I'm not saying that's a bad thing, just stating the obvious.  I like big movies with some nice fight scenes that include a polished villain and a villain who is raw.  Would a more interesting plot improve the movie, no doubt, but it's still a fun movie.

From a character point of view Tony Stark is still lovable and witty with a flare toward the destructive nature.  Flashes of brilliants, flashes of despair and a full dose of daredevil complete the man. Pepper Potts development into a vital part of Tony's life continues.  Natasha is fantastic, amazing, hard core and seductive.  Can you tell she rocks?  Nick Fury is quick, calculating and very interesting. 

Some of the plot lines don't make a lot of sense and some are just weak.

Near the end there is a reference to a future movie when Nick Fury hands Tony a folder.  Beyond the credits (2-1/2 songs later) there is a short clip about someone heading out into the desert and they find something.  Something interesting to you and I so stay for the credits.

I give it a B

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