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Diamond Announces Top Products for April 2010


(BALTIMORE, MD) — (May 6, 2010) — In the wake of the DC Universe's Blackest Night, a new dawn arrives in the form of Brightest Day #0, ushering in a new age of heroism with this prelude issue to the 26-part biweekly series and giving DC Comics the best-selling comic book in April 2010, based upon total unit sales to comic book specialty shops, according to Diamond Comic Distributors.

Marvel Comics took the top publisher spot in April with the company leading in both the Unit Market and Dollar Shares categories, for a 45.02% Unit Market Share and a 39.35% Dollar Share for the month.

With its sales driven by Lionsgate's just-released film adaptation, Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr.'s, Kick-Ass was the best-selling graphic novel to comic shops in April, putting this Marvel Comics' title atop the chart for the second month in a row.

DC Direct brought the heroes and villains of their best-selling comic book mini-series Blackest Night to life, and the Blackest Night Series 4 Action Figures, featuring characters such as Star Sapphire Wonder Woman or Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, gave DC Comics the best-selling Toy product to comics specialty retailers in April. NECA/WizKids' latest expansion for the HeroClix miniatures game, the DC HeroClix: The Brave and the Bold Expansion, gave the publisher the best-selling game product to specialty retailers for the month.

Top 10 Comics

1. Brightest Day #0  DC
2. The Flash #1 DC
3. Green Lantern #53 DC
4. Batman and Robin #11 DC
5. New Avengers #64 Marvel
6. Uncanny X-men #523 Marvel
7. Invincible Iron Man #25 Marvel
8. Green Lantern Corps #47 DC
9. Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #1 Marvel
10. Thor #609 Marvel


Top 10 Statues and Toys

1. Blackest Night series 4 Action Figures  DC
2. Women of the DC Universe : Batgirl Bust DC
3. Avengers Reborn: Thor Fine Art Statue - Kotbukiya
4. JSA Series 2 Action Figures DC
5. Marvel Villains: Venom Fine Art Statue - Kotbukiya
6. Ame-Comi: Robin Vinyl Figure - DC Direct
7. Ame-Comi: Batman Vinyl Figure - DC Direct
8. The Simpsons Series 1 Mini-figures Bea
9. Star Trek: Classic Captain's chair replica Diamond
10. Marvel Select: Iron Man 2 Action Figure Diamond



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