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Latest Justice League Movie Rumors


How long has the Justice League movie by Warner Bros been in the rumor mill?  It seems like forever.  Will this movie tie into any upcoming movie like Flash or Green Lantern?  Will Chris Nolan direct it?  One of the most important parts of any Justice League movie is the big 3, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.


It seems that all the rumors have reached the lovely ears of Jennifer Love Hewitt.  Our favorite ghost whisperer is looking to play a part in any Justice League movie.  The 31 year old actress want to don the famed red, white and blue swimsuit and bust some heads. 


“I’m fighting so hard.  I think Warner Bros is getting ready to make Wonder Woman and I really want to play Wonder Woman.  I am obsessed with Wonder Woman,” Jennifer confided.


Jennifer’s raven haired look, more than ample assets and strong desire to play the Amazon Princess might be enough to convince Warner Bros to sign her up.  At least in the comics Wonder Woman is a woman with the curves of a woman and not a girl.  Jennifer fits that model.  


Give her the magic lasso Warner Bros.


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