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Pop Con Indy 2015

This is the second annual Pop Con Indy, as with any convention there are positives and negatives. 

On the plus side -

The crowd was young and enthusiastic which several geek subsets in attendance.  The biggest emphasis was either gaming or YouTube personalities.  Since GenCon has met in Indianapolis for several years, the gaming one is obvious.  The YouTube stress was somewhat surprising but when you consider the number of visitors and subscribers for each YouTuber, it's obvious as well.  Each of them has built an incredible following and they have a voice that people want to hear.  On Saturday at 4:15, the YouTube panel had 3000 seats full and thousands more standing.  I spoke with one of the organizers and he thought that they would have to turn people away.

There were hundreds of people in costumes from elaborate winged creatures to 8 foot tall satyrs to Cinderella.  I took tons of pictures of the costumes and such that I'll post on another page.  There were a few people who stretched spandex over bodies that should NEVER be covered in spandex.  Fortunately for you, I didn't take their picture.  Yes, it would have been amusing for you to see but they might have been special needs or morbidly unaware so I refrained.  Some things you cannot unsee.

The amount of different types of activities was solid.  There is a local feel to the entire convention, a homey-ness.  I spoke with the fine folks running the endless dungeon and they had the same thought on it.  The endless dungeon was my son's favorite activity.  It was basically D&D (technically Pathfinders) on stage with an entertaining host and cool sound effects.  All the money for that event was donated to charity.

The written schedule was good with lots of pretty colors in it.  I think the colors represented something but I'm not sure.

This is one of the most inexpensive conventions for the size and quality around.  Compare the cost of entry with GenCon and PopCon, I'll give you a hint, it isn't close.  PopCon wins.

The bad -

The in person organization was lacking.  I was redirected to a different door several times. 

"No, you can't come in this door, it's the exit."
"Where is the entrance?"
"Two doors down.  Go around the ropes."
Please understand that there were 4 sets of doors side by side and I was directed from the first to the 4th door.  None of them were labeled.  There was a long velvet rope that I had to walk around and then go into the 4th door.  The lady redirecting me wasn't the sweet grandma I've ever talked to.

On another occasion I was directed away from the "gaming" door and to the main entrance.  They all lead to the same room.  Both of these situation were irritants not major issues.  These are my experiences so results may vary.

Overall -

The is a progressive, local, top notch convention.  I think when the organizers get the organizational details and customer service (from volunteers) worked out, this will be a great convention.  This is only their second year trying this so I'll give them so time to work out the details.

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