Maine Trip

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Things to do in Maine   

What would you like to do while visiting the rugged yet comfortable place called Maine?

Whale Watching -

Pictures don't capture the awe that most people feel when they come in contact with whales.  They are magnificent creatures that send "oooo's and ahhhh's" throughout the eager crowd of whale watchers.  Dress warmly or you will regret it. 
Cap't Fish's Whale Watch - They are located in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.  Adults are $35.00 and kids are $22.00 so a typical family of four can expect to spend $114.00 plus snacks.
Bar Harbor Whale Watch Co - They are located in Bar Harbor, Maine.  Adults are $28.00 and kids are $18.00 so a typical family of four will spend $92.00 plus snacks.

A picture of a humpback whale's tail that was taken while on a whale watching adventure.

Take a Ferry Ride -

The Cat - You can start this adventure in Bar Harbor or in Portland, Maine.  While they offer other services the most common trip is to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.  For the summer months you can expect to pay over $210.00 for a family of four.
Casco Bay Ferry Line - This is one of the most inexpensive things that you can do in the Portland area.  There are 7 islands that this Ferry travels to and the most you can pay per person is $9.50 round trip.  They do offer scenic cruises that are more expensive but still reasonable for a family on a budget.

Rock Climbing -

Acadia Mountain Guides - They have offices in Orono, Maine (northeast of Bangor) and in Bar Harbor.  A 4-hour family rock climbing adventure will cost about $190.00.  Kids love climbing!  They offer several other options for more skilled climber.

White Water Rafting -

Maine Whitewater - Their main office is in Bingham, Maine (northwest of Bangor).  They have another base in Millinocket, Maine which is used for the Penobscot River trip.  A wet and wild family adventure will cost about $216.00 for spring time on the Kennebec River.  The Kennebec is one of the milder trip that is appropriate for kids.


Hiking -

Yes, there are plenty of free hiking opportunities throughout Maine.  Any state with the Appalachian trail has got to have some quality hiking.  In addition to the trail, Acadia National Park has some outstanding trails.